Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring compassionate and tailored care into the labor and birth experience through educational, physical and emotional support.

Who is Marigold Mountain Doula Company...

Marigold Mountain Doula Company is founded by a mother and daughter pair who want to bring compassionate care to women and families throughout pregnancy, labor/birth, postpartum and the many complex layers in between. Simply put, we acknowledge and hold space for the magnitude of bringing a baby into this world. It can feel intimidating and scary but we feel we can help you create the birth experience YOU desire. We want your voice to be heard. We want your wishes to be honored and validated. We aim to bridge a gap between YOU and healthcare providers.


At Marigold Mountain Doula Company we stay within a very strict scope of practice and aim to dispel myths and misinformation. We hope to start a larger conversation about maternal health care in Northern Colorado. 

We are CAPPA-trained and comply to the highest of standards and practices in the field. 


Our Team:

Savanna Brede

Founder, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

Hello, I am Savanna. I am the founder of Marigold Mountain Doula Company. I have a passion for helping people of all stages of life. I have been a caregiver for babies, adults, elders, and people with critical illness. I am a CAPPA trained doula. It was a long journey to be where I am now. I moved to Denver for school, but I soon realized Denver was not for me. I switched gears and then attended my CAPPA training under one of the most respected doulas in Northern Colorado, Julianne Curtis. Since then, I have been working on building my brand and community outreach. 


I am an advocate of women’s health and rights. I am an ally within the LBGBTQ+ community. I believe in informed consent in the areas of sex education, medical procedures, and pregnancy and birth. I will incorporate evidence and research-based education during pregnancy and birth. I will incorporate a loving, safe, and informed birthing experience. I will help you cultivate a realistic and powerful birth plan. 


When I am not working as a doula, I am usually at a coffee shop creating art or writing.  I may also be nestled in my hammock somewhere in the foothills, or baking for weddings and events or just for fun. I love being outside and with family and friends.

Dana Brede

Birth Doula, Postpartum Support

Hello! I’m Dana. I am the co-founder of Marigold Mountain Doula Company. I am proud to be a part of a mother/daughter team. I am a Midwest transplant (Da Bears!) and fell in love with Colorado over fifteen years ago. I have been a grade school teacher, infant care and daycare director, and professor in differing levels of academia. Education is my background, but I have always been interested in serving families. About 8 years ago a seed was planted by a friend who at the time was beginning her career as a doula. In that time, becoming a doula evolved from a pipedream to a reality. I am a CAPPA trained doula and was able to  study under someone I deeply respect and admire in the field with my daughter.


I am passionate about the birth experience and am a fervent advocate for postpartum care and support. I believe that it takes a village and a community to bring a child into this world. I had three pregnancies with three very different birth experiences and postpartum outcomes. One thing they each had in common is I would have strongly benefited from the support of a doula had I had the opportunity. Therefore, it is my privilege and honor to serve the community where I live and help women and/or birthing individuals throughout their pregnancies, postpartum and the many complex layers in between.


In my spare time I enjoy intramural volleyball, hiking, reading historical fiction, and trying out new restaurants in Northern Colorado.